Favorite Things Friday: Here, There and Everywhere!

by | Feb 18, 2011 | Blog, Sparkle, Goodness, Awesome

It’s been a bit busy lately… I recently had someone ask, “So. What’re you up to today?” My mind raced… “Do I say I have 2 posts due, a class to prepare to teach, a video to finish editing… or just mention I’ll be helping out in one of the kids’ classrooms…” I tend to go with the easy answer… “helping at the kids’ school for a bit…”

But YOU. YOU get the full scoop. You know what a “post” is. You don’t give me looks like I have one eye or walk with a gimp. Not that there’s anything wrong with one-eyed or gimpy people…

So. This a *little* post about the here, there and everywhere…

• A great deal of my time the first 2 weeks after Blissdom were spent editing “behind the scene” videos for Blissdom at Home. If you weren’t able to go, Blissdom at Home is the second best option. Join the community for access to session content, audio, video… and the behind-the-scene videos I lovingly and laughingly, and exhaustive-ingslyly pieced together. Join. Join!

Blissdom at Home

• I had a post go live on My Life Scoop about vlogging.

My Life Scoop - Vlogging

• I was invited to be a Blog Frog Memories in Motion community leader – and accepted!

Memories in Motion

•I was on the news in Nashville.

• I finally got my post up on my review site about my recent visit to Gene Juarez – where they brought out my outer beauty!

• iVillage had a few of us iVoices share our thoughts on Valentine’s Day… (And next week my newest video will be up on iVillage. The topic – Married Sex! *gasp*)

• I MUST include a link to the 5 Minutes for Mom post I think would be a great eulogy. I’m not kidding. I almost fell in love with me and wanted to meet me because of how great Janice made me sound. Good thing I am going to live forever, so it won’t actually ever be needed for eulological porpoises purposes…

5 Minutes for MomP.S. It was janice of 5 Minutes for Mom who took that pic of me too… *fist bump, Janice*

• Oh, and Janice’s other post mostly, pretty much about me (detailing the time we were swooned by Seattle’s Best Coffee and I got to catch fish… of COURSE there was coffee involved!)

In which I catch a fish

• Lastly… locals, if you’re reading this, I invite you to come to the Poulsbo Library – February 28th from 6:30-8.

Social Networking for Personal Use

I will have coffee with me, but not fish. I promise.

• And laundry and vacuuming. And kissing my kids. And occasionally yelling at them. And late nights staring into the eyes of my husband’s Facebook. Hey, we’re social like that.

Finally, thank you all for coming by. If it wasn’t for YOU, who would I make it all about Me for?

I’m kidding.

I’m not kidding.

Oh. And I’m tired.


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