Family Pictures, Road Trip, Evo Conference, OH MY!

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I have so many stories floating in my head. I just don’t know where to start.

I suppose I’ll just make this easy on all of us.

I had a GREAT time at my parent’s house…

real family photo

 (a *sweet* moment captured of MY children and my PARENT’S children. So…)

I have VOLUMES of stories about our MANY hours in the car and NOT in the car…

tired family

(Lucy is exhausted. I have never seen her so exhausted in all her life… I was beginning to wonder if she had boundless energy. Nope. Even SHE has a thresh hold. HALLELUJAH and GLORAY.)

I want to tell everybody about all the incredible awesomeness at Evo.

Jumping with Jyl at Evo

But this pic will have to do…

For now.

Jyl and I.


Ozzy Ozbourne eats bats on stage (or their heads???) … Jyl and I jump.

Everyone has their own gifting.

That picture is a perfect summary of  yet another absolutely INCREDIBLE Evo Conference.

For me.

*flips through pages in mind*

*still flipping*

This coming week marks our first week home in 3 weeks. It’ll be nice to get back in “normal”.

For a couple weeks at least.

I leave for BlogHer in NYC August 1st.

*bites nails*

Oh dear mercy. I think I’ll just leave the suitcases out.


Seriously… How about YOU? How’s summer been treatin’ ya?


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