Family Camp Weekend

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This was our 6th annual trip to “Family Camp”.

Family Camp Weekend

We are blessed to be part of a wonderful group of families who heads to Whidbey Island for a weekend of… well, camping!

The kids run wild, as do the parents. The bees are always a bother, the dirt is always on our feet… one can hear birds and laughter and the boys howling their battle cries. It is an event our family looks forward to every year, and will be one of those things that will be a pivotal part of our family memories. Would you like to take a peek into what it’s like?

The first morning we woke up to the aftermath of a raccoon invasion. They were especially fond of the muffins, and hot cocoa packets.

I joined the CSI Club and they sent me a finger printing kit. Look what I found!

After we my husband cleaned up the raccoon disaster-area, my husband took the older two kids to the beach with some of their buddies. A little while later, Lucy asked, “Mama? Will you cake me to uh beach?” *blink, blink* We made the long trek to the beach, hand in hand.

Yay! The beach, and the swarm of children on “Splash Rock”.


A few moments at the bunkers.

And more kickin’ back on the seating around the ampitheather-thingy at the bunkers…

Speaking Writing of “kickin’ back”, I’m beat! I’m going to bed!



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