#FallYall… It’s On Its Way! Featuring: BOOTS

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Have I ever told you that Fall is my favorite season?

I am certain my great grandmother played a big part in that.

I love Fall, y’all.

Or as Twitter might say, #FallYall.

Some reasons I warmly welcome this chilly season:

  • • I just love the smell. There is a smell…
  • • Crisp mornings.
  • • The trees become the most beautiful they will ever be all year.
  • • I get birthday cake that is in celebration of me.
  • • Football games.
  • • Now that I am an adult… school is back in session!
  • • aaaaaaand FALL STYLE.


While I love the freedom of a cute flip flop that only summer can give… I welcome another shoe with open arms… BOOTS.


*Before moving forward, I want to let you know this is a sponsored story courtesy a website I frequently stalk and drool over… Country Outfitter. This story of Fall Style is all mine… as are the outfits, and my opinion, and all that disclosurey stuff.

As temperatures begin to drop as Fall works its way in, we turn from our former first choice (say, flips flops and open-toe options) and look for a little more… coverage.

I’m going to take a risk and say, coverage doesn’t equal a style sacrifice.

IMG_3498_blogAnd then sometimes Fall hands us a day that feels like summer.
IMG_3501_blogOr a cold morning turns into a warm afternoon and …

Or we just aren’t ready to give up on Summer 100%…

IMG_3514_blogBoots are so versatile. From skinny jeans to not skinny jeans…

IMG_3517_blogWe live in a great day and age where we can wear white after Labor Day. Which means boots aren’t only for wearing with a pair of jeans. Though I must confess, denim is my favorite piece to pair with boots. Whether it’s a good old pair of jeans or a denim jacket…

IMG_3511_blogBut my particular favorite thing to do with boots is wear them with dresses. It’s just so charming.

Fall is the perfect season for it, too. They add that little bit of warmth. There’s no need to bundle up just yet.

IMG_3338_blogHow about you? Are you a boots-lovin’ gal (or fella!)? How do you war your boots in #FallYall? It’s only been within the last couple of years I have realized/grown obsessed with the power of the boot. Combine that obsession with a girls’ favorite season (#FallYall), and I know what is going on my birthday list this year. I have my eyes on these (Bluebird, WHAT?!), these (Glitter!!!), and these (oh so much these).

What would you choose?

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