Fall, Halloween, Pumpkins… that kinda stuff

We are all up in the Fall up in here!

I must confess… I have a certain affection for pumpkins.

All round and orange and…

sick pumpkin

Oh dear mercy I am so sorry you had to see that. What I was TRYING to say was that pumpkins are so cute…

polka dot pumkins

Especially when adorned with poms and pipe cleaners…

the noseless pumpkin

And with pumpkins, it matters not if they have a nose. Pumpkins can’t smell anynohows.

Have you ever seen a pumpkin kitty?

kitty pumpkin

Now you have!

Have you met my Mr. Spideykin?



Mr. Spideykin even accessorizes. See?

jelly bands

Pumpkins are pack animals. That is why you find them in patches and not solitary confinement and whathaveyou. Hitherhencetofore I feel it is important to keep them together. So they can hang out on the porch and comisserate about how cold it is getting these days…

i love pumpkins

Hey! Can you guess which pumpkin is the fake one?

pumpkins on the porch.

And here is a picture of how one can make a dead plant work for you. This is why I love Fall so very much…

in which dead plants can work for you

Just plop a big, bad lantern on your dead stuff and WHAM!

I have also made cobwebs work for me. I find the natural cobwebs are the nicest-looking. I work hard all year on those.

But no picture. Cobwebs are SCARY. I don’t want to scare anybody on the spot.

Finally… a picture of my dining/kitchen area. Please don’t look too close or you’ll see the nail polish and nail polish remover stains on my table. And marker markings…

Makes me crazy.

kitchen table

I could have made sure I always had a table cloth on my table, but… here’s a secret about me… living with a table cloth on my table makes me anxious.

It’s true.

Tablecloths get crooked. And the patterny ones are so busy… which makes me anxious. And the solid color ones make me bored… which in turn makes me anxious.

The end result of my “issues” around tableclothing? My table is all jacked up. Forevs.

Were Dr. Phil talking to me about this right now… he’d be all, “How’s that workin’ for ya?”

I know Dr. Phil… I know…

I have an idea! Just look at the wheat stalks, in my windows, friends. Adorbs, no?

But take a good-long look. The other day Lucy was asking if we could make them into bread.

Oh have mercy.


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8 Responses to “Fall, Halloween, Pumpkins… that kinda stuff”

  1. Jen says:

    Just look at your gorgeous pumpkins. I love them. I have yet to do anything pumpkin with the kids. I am terrible, I know.

    Can you please come a decorate my house for fall? Please?

  2. Carrie says:

    I still wanna try that pumpkin painting decorating cute thing you got going on.

    But at the rate I’m going…sheesh.

  3. Layla Payton says:

    Um…found you on Craig’s blog. Consider me an instant fan.

    As far as stains on furniture go, I hear they are the new “clean.”

    Thank you for pointing out that pumpkins are patch…I mean “pack” squash..squashes? Squeeshes? Anyhoo, all of their get togethers make sense now. I wonder if they discuss pie fillings? Or pumpkin seed roastings? I suspect that is why your first pumpkin barfed. 😉

    Poor punkin.

  4. Jen says:

    Two words for you Jenny: Table. Runner. With or without the plain boring tablecloth, your choice.

  5. trish says:

    “Pumpkins are pack animals”… I did not know this.

  6. My son loves the first one! He ran up and said “OH that’s Awesome”
    Are all those yours? You are pumpkin crazy – so very creative, love it.

  7. Jenn says:

    Oh, I so need a Mr Spideykin. Since that is the closest I’d get to having a Halloween pumpkin. I didn’t bother decorating for it, it’s such a non event in my neck of the woods…..

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