Fall Decor. And Fall Food. And Costumes. And Straight Talk

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I love Fall!

I love the chill in the air. I love breaking out my stash of Fall decor.

Fall decor via @jennyonthespot

From pumpkins…

*By the way, this post is sponsored by Straight Talk. All opinions and testimony on my love of all things Fall, including but not limited to pumpkins are my own.* 

Fall decor via @jennyonthespot

To more pumpkins…

Fall decor via @jennyonthespot

And more pumpkins…

Fall decor via @jennyonthespot

To maybe a clever little spider on a much-too-bare hallway wall….

Fall decor via @jennyonthespot

To bowlsful of acorns both felty and wild…

Fall decor and felted acorns via @jennyonthespot

acorns via @jennyonthespot


Seattle Seahawks flag

But what is fun Fall decor without FOOD?

Owl pancakes via @jennyonthespot

Owl bet you didn’t know those are pumpkin pancakes!

I crack myself up.

I love cranking up the oven and bringing baked sexy/mini pumpkin muffins back into my kitchen…

pumpkin mini muffins via @jennyonthespot

Or making cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron…

cinnamon rolls in waffle maker via @jennyonthespot

Because making cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron makes my kids think I am THE BOMB DIGGITY.

cinnamon rolls in waffle maker via @jennyonthespot

My words, not theirs. But I know that’s what they mean.

Oh Fall…. It’s just the perfect time of year for being home, creating things, and eating.

How To Make Acorn Kisses via @jennyonthespot

(Learn how to make these Acorn Kisses here!)

Speaking of making. Lucy and I had to come up with a mermaid costume in a pinch. Her mother (me) doesn’t sew, so when I say mermaid HACK, I literally mean HACK…

no-sew mermaid tail via @jennyonthespot

We ran to the fabric store and found inexpensive fabric (with a coupon, it was $4). I purchased fabric wide enough to get around her waist, and long enough to make a tail.

(That’s the wordy way of saying, I don’t do math.)

I used ribbon I had at home and cut several slits along the side of the fabric to weave the ribbon through. That, my friends is what would become the waist:

no-sew mermaid tail via @jennyonthespot

And then we took a hair tie… wrapped it around the *tail*. I then pulled only one side of that tail section through a second time to make that little tail-split thing that mermaid tails do.

no-sew mermaid tail via @jennyonthespot

I saw the hair-tie trick on Pinterest. But with a towel. Which was a great idea, but that concept didn’t work for my higher mermaid-costume-hack standards and whathaveyou.

Most of the night… after that little craft-gone-AWESOME, I couldn’t get Queen’s “We Are The Champions” out of my head.

Speaking of awesome, look at THIS pumpkin I pimped out:

gold pumpkin via @jennyonthespot

A gold pumpkin.



Fall does that to me.

And though all the cute food and decor and no-sew magic can exist solely on their own merit, it sure is fun to share with friends and family and random Instagram followers about one’s adventures in homemaking and craft making and baking no-sewing and everything in between…

polka dot pumpkin via @jennyonthespot

It’s nice to have people to share things with… and a plan.


With Straight Talk’s 5GB high-speed data and nationwide coverage and Straight Talk’s great selection of smart phones it is easier than ever to capture those passing moments for you to keep for yourself or… share away with friends, family and/or the internet!

With my Straight Talk phone I can capture moments to share right away, or share later. I tend to share later because I like to try to stay in the moment…

But I can’t resist later sharing moments of creative genius and kitchen mastery.

For posterity’s sake aaaaaand to remember. Honestly, moments of mastery and brilliance and just simple life-enjoyment are not the majority of most days. Capturing those kind-of moments in the crazy chaos of family and life will help me remember that it wasn’t all taxi-driving, homework helping, and laundry folding.

Because honestly, if you look back on the calendar it LOOKS like it’s ALL driving around and time in the kitchen. You know what I mean?

in the kitchen, as I do...

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*This post is sponsored by Straight Talk. All opinions and loving on Fall are my own.* 

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