Evo Conference 2012 – Here I Come!!!

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I’m heading to EVO!!!

And by EVO I do not mean Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Besides, that’s EVOO.

But I digress… EVO.

evo'12 - social media conference - July 12-14, 2012 - Park City, Utah

The first year I went to Evo in 2010 I road tripped (15 HOURS each way y’all!!!) with Maya (Memetales).

Road trip to Evo with Maya!

I love that woman.

I’m serious.


This year, I will be road tripping with my family.

*insert MUCH different experience here*

I love them too.

To be clear…

Aaaanywho… At Evo 2010 I rode my first zipline ever, and got a good peek at how well Laurie copes in life and death situations

Oh that Laurie! I luh her…

In 2011 I got to share about how to ignite your inner sparkle as one of the Ignite Keynote speakers…

For serious. A MIC.photo cred: the AMAZING Justin Hackworth


AND A GONDOLA. TWICE. This is the first time as part of my role as vlogging workshop leader:

I am so excited for this, my third year at Evo.

Each year I have left Evo with experiences that have added to not only my professional growth, but personal growth.

This year will be a wittle different —- >I get to experience the conference environment with my family.

But I kind-of feel the people I have come to know and adore from Evo have become a family in a way.

*insert sappy music here*

But seriously. I can’t wait to learn a little more, hug a bunch of necks and most likely jump into a pool with my clothes on.

And it seems my daring doesn’t end at ziplines and gondolas… word on the street is I will be taking my camera and nerves up in a hot air balloon… and I am beside myself.

What does that even mean?

To be beside oneself?

Well, if it IS possible to be beside oneself, then I am someone who could do it… having at least one extra personality and all.

But I digress.


And I can’t forget Lu! I met Lucrecer for the first time at Evo 10.

We knew each other all of a few hours before our room-mateness required us to share a bed.

We have roomed together at other conferences at least 4 times since.

Lu will be one of the several AWESOME Ignite Keynotes this year, and I can’t wait to hoot and holler for my sister from anotha mista.

I kind of feel like I am beside myself with excitement once again!


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