Ever been pecked to death?

by | Nov 8, 2011 | Parenting/Family | 13 comments

Me… neither?

Yes, this is an old video. But I feel this topic is timeless.

And I am in a bit of a funk… working hard to view the glass half-full and such. Feeling a lot like a Negative Nellie.

If your name is Nellie… my amends. I’m sure you are not negative.

But maybe my alter ego is not named J-Bling. Maybe her name is Nellie.


Hitherhencetofore, an old video because today my words would wreak of passive aggressive angst.

Did I just call me old?

No, I think J-Bling did.

Or was that you, Nellie?

Oh dear. I should see a professional.

And I think this is the awesomest wine cork ever:

awesome wine cork


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