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I went to one of my mom’s group leader meetings a couple of weeks ago. As part of our meetings, we go through a small Bible study together. The question was asked, “Do you think God enjoys us?” Hmmm…

The thoughts that swam through my mind flashed my my sinful heart – my true intentions, my thoughts, my anger, my selfishness, my envy… to name a few. Na, God doesn’t enjoy me.

Then I thought about my kids. I thought of their disobedience, the ways they discourage and infuriate me. I thought of the ways they reduce me to insanity and even helplessness on certain days. But… I enjoy them.


My Heavenly Father… this earthly mother.

I am certain my constant returning to sin, sin I continue to seek forgiveness over, saddens my Heavenly Father. As a mom, I am all-too familiar with the frustration I feel when my son or daughter continue to do things I constantly tell them not to do. It is especially heart-breaking when they hurt each other. As mad and discouraged as I get, I still love and utterly adore my kids… I enjoy my kids.

I love how they express their emotions. I love how they play pretend. I love how differently they approach circumstances and decisions. I love how different they are from each other, yet how similar they are. I love how “two” Olivia is – “terrible two”. She wants to be independent and wants people to know what she is thinking – ALL THE TIME.

I love how “five” Joel is – an active boy with great imagination and he feels emotions intensely. They are all the fun I dreamed they would be, and probably all the frustration I never dared dream 😉 Yet I truly enjoy and delight in my children.

Back to the question, “Do you think God enjoys us?”

I am pretty sure He does. If I am his child, and I feel the ways that I do about my own children, the answer is clear. I am certain I sadden him, even anger him; but if I am truly considered his child, then the delight and enjoyment is there too. The only difference is, as his child, I probably receive more grace and patience than I give my own children.

A good friend once told me, “For as much grace God has given you, you need to give to your son.” Now there is perspective, and a setting for a relationship with enJOYment…

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