Elliptical Sabotage, Sausage Links and Beachy Hair with Twists.

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I was knocking issues around in my brain to share all up in here, and I went with sausage.

And pictures.

These are the REAL deal, ya’lls. In the moment. ON THE SPOT, if you will…

I call this one Photo of the Precor Screen-thing…


I am so good at titles. A gallery should hire me.

Aaaanywho… This is a pic from the screen of some fancy-schamncy elliptical machine I tried to workout on. I chose the “fat burning” program thinking it would help me burn fat.

And that stinker did NOT want me take my heart rate above 135. I tend to like to hang around 160 and that sucker kept dropping the resistance… So in order for me to get my heart rate up, I had to increase the incline. So then it looked like I was climbing UP the wall. And then my calves started burning. I started screaming and people were looking….


I could have burned a good 50 more calories. Like, I could have had a whole other sausage when we had breakfast for dinner that night. Hitherhencetofore I am angry because that machine cheated me from enjoying an extra sausage link.

I call this next one Converse in the Rain…

Converse in the rain

On account of the fact I am wearing Converse. While in the rain.

And not-pants. In the rain.

And a bruise on my leg.

I always never know where I get those bruises on my legs. I swear I am a 7 year old girl trapped in a DEFINITELY NOT 7 year old body.

I call this next one Choices…


This is a glimpse into the torture I create for myself. I am kick-starting my healthy habits, but my son texted me the sweetest text, “Can we PLEASE have breakfast for dinner?”

His punctuation was stellar. His spelling… impeccable.


The problem… SAUSAGE LINKS. And remember my little incident with the elliptical machine?

Hitherhencetofore, whilst cooking le sausage links, I filled-up my water cup, grabbed the half-apple I set aside earlier, and tossed a few rabbit carrot sticks onto a plate. I ate and drank-up in an effort to fill-up my belly as much as possible before the breakfast for dinner feast.

It did help. But it doesn’t mean I wanted sausage any less.

I call this next one The Picture I Took of My Beachy-Boho-with-a-Twist Hair in the Kitchen/Living Room Area and Whathaveyou…

beachy hair with a twist

I have neither curly nor NOT curly hair.

I had perms straight from 1986 to 1992. I did a reverse perm to get the last one un-permy. Then my hair was stick straight. It’s been nearly 20 years since then…

*grips chest*

I think the last of the perm has finally grown out and I have discovered the true personality of my hair – BEACHY. Ish.

Good thing beachy is so in right now. It is definitely the easiest & fastest style for my hair. The rain even makes it BETTER. But since my hair is neither curly nor straight, the beachy style for me… is also rather flammable. It takes a good deal of product influence to help my neither curly nor straight hairs uniformly be neither curly nor straight.

It takes a good deal of product, but very little time.

Always dealin’ with the devil, aren’t we ladies?

ABout the twist part… I took lil chunks-o-hair on each side of the front… twisted and bobby pinned in the back. Easy peasey and my hair stayed out of my eyes. My Gramma Sue always hated it when my hair would get in my eyes. She always thought I had such beautiful eyes.

Which was actually a compliment to her, since we have the same eyes. Golly I miss my Great-Gramma Sue…

If you were snapshotting your day, why kind of picture might you choose to share today? OR… did you have a perm in the 80’s?


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