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Wanna elevate your blog… go to Blog Elevated!

Are you ready to take your blog to the next level? Have you spent hours learning the basics and find there is still so much more to learn? Have you been to a few conferences already and find yourself still wanting? Word on the street is Blog Elevated is the conference for you!

The organizers at Blog Elevated are loading their sessions with pro bloggers, monetization experts, demystifiers of Google +, and licensed CPAs… to name a few.

An aside: What has my life come to that the promise of learning from a CPA has me all hot and bothered?! I’m taking an ENTIRE blank notebook to soak up the information from THAT session!

And something else has me pretty excited. I can’t wait to go because some of my favorite people are not only going too, but will be sharing their wisdom and know-how with the Blog Elevated community.

Of course this is not a comprehensive list of Blog Elevated speakers, but I choose to focus on these gals because they are all women I have met. They are women I admire not only personally, but professionally. I am excited to share time and knowledge with people I adore so very much… Angela, Holly, Rachel, and Karen. I am also excited to meet new people and learn from folks I have not yet had the privilege to meet! It’s obvious the Blog Elevated organizers are working hard to build a high-quality event. And this is a new event… so exciting, right?!

I know going to conferences are a financial commitment. I know this conference is only a month away. The organizers of Blog Elevated have offered one of YOU … one of MY PEOPLE … A FREE STINKING TICKET TO THERE ($249 value)!

Yep. Here’s how you enter… Leave a comment sharing why heading to Blog Elevated gets you all excited. One entry per person, please. The winner is responsible for all his/her own travel and lodging, but the conference pass – PAID IN FULL, yo! Contest starts at the posting of this here post, and ends midnight August 25, 2013. I’ll choose a winner on the 26th! Ready…. GO!

Oh, and if you go, you could bring tomatoes to throw at me and heckle me while I try to tell you all about making the leap into YouTube. Or you can throw Oreos. Or chocolate covered caramels with sea salt… Or money!

OK, maybe I’m pushing it with the money part, but throw me a chocolate covered caramel with sea salt and I’ll be your best friend forever.

Or just come to the conference. We’ll hug. We’ll take selfies. And whathaveyou…


OH! Don’t forget to stalk Blog Elevated on Facebook and Twitter and their blog for all the latest!


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