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I am an inexperienced eBay user.

Let me clarify… SELLER. And inexperienced seller.

My husband, on the other hand… Just today he joked, “How many guitars does a guitarist need?

Me: “I give”

Him: “Just one more.”

Funny. That’s how I feel about shoes.

And purses.

And scarves.


The hubs… being a musician-type… eBay has helped “feed the monster”.

Which, as the wife and checkbook keeper, is SUPER. The Monster, for the most part, feeds itself. Buying, selling… gear in, gear out…

< turns car around >

I went to the eBay campus earlier this month to learn more about eBay and how a person like me (keeper of shoes, scarves and purses) can benefit from the eBay machine.

ebay parent panel team image courtesy eBay and Airfoil PR


I can’t believe I didn’t know this before…


Like, you can SELL coupons on eBay.

You know those Victoria’s Secret coupons for bras and undies you get every month but can’t use every month because OMWord the children need to eat?!

And now everyone knows where my undies come from.

Sell ’em.

The coupons, not your old undies.

I guess you could sell your old undies, but…

I digress…

Whether it’s a coupon for free shampoo or $10 off a bra… 20% off an in-store purchase of children’s clothes… It’s on eBay. My friend Brittany (Mommy Words) said she’s been buying coupons for YEEEARS!

< eyes go wild >

And wouldn’t you know VS just sent me a new trio of coupons I should probably redeem < snaps old elastic strap > but I’ve had my eyes on a certain pair of shoes…

< coupons out, money in = SHOES! >

Because eBay is a company that works to protect sellers and buyers alike… they have created a fabulous page that contains helpful information for selling coupons HERE. If you are have some coupons sitting around that would be more valuable as actual cash monies… check out eBay’s rules page, and get crackin’!

I have to ask, did you know this already? And if so, WHY DIDN”T ANYONE TELL ME?

*A sponsored story as part of my participation in the eBay Parent Panel. All thoughts, stories and opinions are mine… alllllll mine!!!




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