eBay. Because money doesn’t grow on trees.

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I feel bad.

I have been keeping a secret.

Well. That’s not entirely true. I just have been waiting for the right time to tell you something very special…

eBay and I are in a relationship!

Now, now… no need to be jealous. It doesn’t change our relationship. I am still the self-absorbed Jenny you all know and love… it’s just now I will be sharing with you on a monthly basis how I am making eBay work for ME.

In a manner of speaking.

Lemme ‘splain…

Money doesn’t grow on trees. My family is working on finding ways to fund things that fall outside our current budget. We have {stuff} that is taking up space. Stuff that could be purged and sold so as to contribute to funding some “outside the budget” items.

Oh. And it sure would be nice to use the garage for the van again.

Ya know?

This little relationship has turned into a family affair! For example:

  • My son is too young for gainful employment, but old enough to want things like an external hard drive for the xBox. His allowance provides some income, but it’s a slow build for an eager boy… Currently he is digging through his valuables (Nerf Gun arsenal) to see what he can sell so he can add to his hard drive savings.
  • The husband? eBay has enabled stocked my husband’s detached-office-turned-jam-room with all kinds of noise makers. Even a guitar. I am learning the heart of a musician is never content.
  • For me… I sold items years ago. Currently I use eBay as my main deal-finder. But it’s time to clean house. Literally.

But where to start? eBay’s seller information page is a great place to start. And for those who want to be a bit strategic, eBay’s fashion selling guide (PDF) helps those of us who may or may not be clueless about selling strategery and help us be all strategic-like!

On Saturday I stopped by the post office and picked up a few of their flat rate boxes. I have a few sellin’ piles almost ready to list. The ball is rollin’. You know what they say… Christmas comes every year! And we could stand to add a few greenbacks to our Christmas envelope. And Mama might like a pair of boots. Or two.

And a maybe a handbag… Anything in Kate Spade would do… or Valentino… ?

Hey… dream big or go home. That’s how the saying goes, right?

How about you? Do you have stuff sitting around that could make it feel like you have trees that grow money on them?

You know how to find eBay online (ebay.com, just in case)… you can also connect with eBay on their blog, Twitter and Facebook…. just so ya know.

*I am an eBay Parent Panel partner. This post is sponsored by eBay. Opinion and experience are my own.


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