eBay and School Uniforms: Be you buyer OR be you seller!

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I feel it’s kind-of too soon to be thinking about back-to-school stuff, yet…


back to school
My girls attend a school with a uniform policy. So our back-to-school shopping is easy… unless you wait until August. WHICH IS  LESS THAN 2 WEEKS AWAY *insert mild panic attack here*.

The local stores sell out pretty fast so if a *certain* mom waits until 2 weeks before school starts to beef-up the school wardrobe, she has waited too long.

Since I am a member of the eBay Parent Panel, I got to thinking… can eBay help a mom like me? Indeed!

There are a couple of clear benefits eBay has over the local retailer:

  1. Sellling: One can SELL ONE’S OLD UNIFORMS!
  2. Year-round shopping: eBay’s sellers have uniform clothing for sale year-round!
  3. GREAT deals on uniforms! We poke around in used clothing stores for uniform pieces from time to time, but those pieces are rather hard to find. eBay fills that gap when looking for a screaming deal. Which, who doesn’t love deals that scream? Seriously.

I’m going to be honest here, wonderful volunteers at the school do a phenomenal job at keeping a uniform closet at school where used uniforms can be donated. Any family can go in and choose a prescribed number of items from the closet. I prefer to donate our lightly used uniform pieces to the school because it benefits the kids in our school. Aaaaaand I know our family has been blessed by use of the uniform closet.

Though, I am not planning on selling our used uniform items on eBay, this was a new discovery for me. eBay has proven to be a friend of a budget-conscious family… with the option to sell and earn or the option to buy used… If your school uniform items cannot be donated, consider bringing cash back into the the family budget and clean out those closets BEFORE the school doors open.

*This is a sponsored story as part of my participation in the eBay Parent Panel. All thoughts, stories and opinions are mine… alllllll mine!!!



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