Dudes. Give your nose a HUG! #cleanhappy with Method!

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How does one hug ones’ own nose?

Well, if one is literal in one’s interpretation, then one might find such a thing a bit difficult.


Method co-founder Eric Ryan hugs a nose

You are Method co-founder Eric Ryan and happen to have a large nose hanging around the office in which you can hug…

(photo cred: ME!)

But if you do NOT happen to have a large nose to pal around with, Eric and the happy cleaning Method family is giving us a way to hug our own noses!

Method products are made of awesome (you can quote me on that) – and their dish pump is no exception.

Seriously, QUOTE ME ON THAT.

What makes the dish soap so very awesome?

Could it be the charming shape?

Could it be the nose-hugging bounty of scent choices?

Method dish soap charming shape


(only a few of many pictured here)

Could it be the cute color choices?!!!

Could it be there is a REFILL available?

Could it be the packaging material does NOT  contain harmful chemicals so your home, dishes and hands are as clean and safe as clean and safe can be?

Method shared some sciency stuff that makes sense, but it only makes sense in their words. So here:

Phthalates are softeners used in the process of manufacturing plastic, and they’ve been found to disrupt a person’s endocrine system functions. Instead of using potentially harmful chemicals, Method’s dish cleaners include derivatives from coconut oil, aloe vera, and purified water. 

My current favorite Method fragrance is Clemetine. OH MY DARLIN’ CLEMENTINE!

Method and Clementine
I have this for my dish soap AND I choose Clementine for my floor cleaner. I lovey, lovey, lovey, LOVE how it leaves a fresh, clean smell without the chemical smell.

It truly makes me happy. And my family. We are *this* close to being a our own little Method cult.

Even my husband chose to drive a touch further just so we could have our beloved Method dishwasher detergent recently. Grapefruit.

Who knew grapefruit and clementine are smells for clean?!

Did you know Method is hosting a “What’s Your Fragrance” Facebook Quiz & Sweepstakes?

I just took the quiz and GUESS. STINKIN’. WHAT?!

Clementine is my scent personality

I knew we had a connection… Clementine and me…

P.S. For more information on risks of phthalates, you can check out this link here and this link here.

*I have partnered with Method as a member of the Method Mavens. This story is part of that sweet-smelling relationship. Opinion and any indication of undying love is mine. Alllllll mine…*


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