Dresses are the new black: Hello Shabby Apple! [Sponsored]

In the last year or so, I have added 1 or 2 pairs of jeans to my wardrobe… and probably a dozen dresses.

Oh gosh. Maybe more.


Because dresses are the new black.

Boogie Woogie dress from Shabby Apple

(Yes. That’s my dog Kevin. Either my pretty dress had him mesmerized or he wanted to make it on my blog. He is such an attention hog…)

I am just as likely to throw on a dress as opposed to jeans or yoga pants these days. Plus, since tights and boots are so hot right now… it is easier than ever to wear dresses during the Wintertime.

Almost every time I step out in a dress someone comments, “Going somewhere special?” “Why are you dressed up?” “You look pretty!”

OK, that last one is usually my girls. They love it when I wear dresses.

And the thing is, I have to put something on anyway… right?

Why not a dress?

I am wearing the Boogie Woogie women’s dress from Shabby Apple in the photos above (I felt so silly posing to get that picture taken. I might have been tired too. My hubby and I had gone on a date. This was taken AFTER the date).

Now, I probably would not wear this dress to help the 4th graders with their multiplication flashcards, but I WOULD wear this to see The Nutcracker, and to a Christmas Eve Service and a Christmas party or two… Of course it’ll make an appearance at a conference or a few, probably a school auction or two… another date night… a girl’s night out??? Brunch. Lunch. A meeting in the city… Why not?!

This dress is SUPER comfortable, and the long hem makes me feel covered up in all the right places. It’s dressy enough to be a dressy-dress… yet not so formal one feels like it can only be worn at a black-tie event.

The wide satin sash… the appliqued, ruched flowers and leaves on the skirt (my favorite part of the dress!)… the soft cotton jersey bodice with a hint of a shiny sheen… All come together to make a charming dress that is also very comfortable. I was a bit worried when looking at the pictures online that the bodice would be too casual with the appliqued skirt and satin bow. But I worried for nothing. Delightfully paired with quality material. It is a well-made garment.

And fit… I am always a bit worried when ordering online. Will the item fit as described? My experience was great. I found it fit just as described. Now I want to get the underslip – Flirt Part Two to add under my cute new dress, and maybe add a bracelet.

Or two.

Shabby Apple is a great place to find modern and vintage dresses in countless styles. You can also like Shabby Apple on Facebook where they post information on discounts and special promotions.

And, of course… if you’d like to hop right over and get your order on, Shabby Apple is offering you – MY PEEPS 10% off your order. Just enter “jennyonthespot10off” at checkout, and SHAZAM! Coupon expires December 10, 2011.

What do you think? Are dresses the new black?

Disclosure: I was given the Boogie Woogie dress in exchange for my review. My words, opinion, and story about my conversion to dress wearing are all my own.


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13 Responses to “Dresses are the new black: Hello Shabby Apple! [Sponsored]”

  1. Stasha says:

    You look lovely. Sparkly! And with a name like that, this dress was made to be loved. Love the new look of the site Jenny!

  2. Carrie says:

    CUTE! And well, there’s that Kevin, who I so love, again.

    Dresses are totally the new black! I wear one (ok, usually a skirt and blouse) almost every day.

    And about 15 years ago, you couldn’t have paid me to do that.

    But now, I feel much more ‘sparkly’ and girlie. And that’s a really, really good feeling.

    You look marvelous! I’ll have to check out their site!

  3. i *LOVE* that dress, totally something i would wear! and i love the new look on this here blog, too!! 😉

  4. ps, do you think they would give me a chance do do a review??

  5. Meaghan Snider says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for saying dresses are the “new black” I LOOOVE wearing dresses and consistently “dress-up” for things that don’t really need dressing up. (I’ve worn a dress bowling, with thick leggings of course :))

  6. Amanda says:

    It’s one piece, people! No matching needed! I loooove dresses. Also, you are adorable.

  7. Lisa says:

    Ahhhhh…… so pretty! And even prettier in person… on your person, if you will.

  8. SPECKLE says:

    I just got the dress! Holy moly it’s cute. I had to get a dress for a cocktail party. Yes me, a dress, a cocktail party. It’s like my granola world collided with an unlikely event. So…. I have to say it is very comfortable and black, which are my two desires for clothes. I don’t have to wear stretchy yoga pants that night! Thank you Jenny for the tip. I went out on a limb, and it fits! P.S. We better not wear it together. That would be lame.

    • OH SISTER! Isn’t she LOVERLY?! And comfortable?! AND LOVELRLY?!!!! YAY!!! I am so glad you like it! We need to make sure we don’t wear it at the same time, you know, like when we bump into each other at Central market or somethin’ 🙂

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