My Dream Office and Fun Coffee Mugs

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A dream office isn’t a dream office without coffee mugs, yes?

My dream office… and coffee mugs.

For a long time, my “office” was a little desk tucked in the corner of my bedroom.


No fun.

It was such a downer to open my eyes to un-filed papers and a messy desk.

Eventually, I moved my office things to a room to the right of my entry. It is the room that used to hold the piano and hide-away. Now it houses my desk, office things, and the hideaway. Dual function… but not a dream space.

I have my childhood dresser in there – pink with turquoise trim, a BIG mirror surrounded by and awesomely gaudy gold frame, a white desk, and a leather couch that is losing its leather.

SOMEDAY I would love to make my workspace a space that inspires. A place in which (even if work is a chore) I feel inspired to create good work. I am definitely loving green-blues and anything vintage…

my dream office
I bet you would want to come hang-out in my office too.

And if you came to visit me in my dream office, we would sip on cups of coffee and I would have a fun selection for you to choose from…

coffee mugs collection on ebay
I went through a stage where all I wanted were white coffee mugs.

I am so over that now.

From color to personality to funny things to superheros! Part of my joy in drinking a perfect mug of coffee is a perfect coffee mug. Days get so filled with routine… I’m at a spot in life where I feel if there are no roses to stop and smell, then at least sip your coffee from a fun mug!

These little treasures I curated on ebay. I have 24 collections happening over there… a place where I can dream and imagine and actually acquire the items that tickle my fancy. If you were to create an eBay collection – what kind-of collection would you create?

Right now, eBay has a little incentive for those who create collections. It’s called the Influencer Only Sweepstakes. The influencer with the most followers wins a weekly $1,000 cash prize! There will be one winner per week for 8 weeks. At the end of the sweepstakes, the influencer with the most followers will win the Grand Prize of $10,000.

Whoa. That would earn me one serious Dream Office! 10 grand would give anyone’s collection off to a good start!

For inspiration as you curate your own collections, follow my own collections here: jennyonthespotstyle. As you add to your own, other you will discover other influencers adding similar items to their own collections. I am always amazed at the fun things I discover while adding to my collections! When you get all set-up, leave your username in the comments so I can be sure to follow you and your own eBay collections!

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