Don’t be nervous. Be fabulous… In which I try to take my own advice.

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A much-admired friend  of mine (the amazing Katherine of Postpartum Progress) shared she was nervous about a pretty RAD opportunity.

She is one of those people you look at and think, “I WANT TO BE HER.”

I was surprised at her insecurity… because she is truly one of the very most amazing women on or off line.

Because she is who she is… I was all, “Don’t be nervous. Be fabulous!”

It was easy to say. She IS fabulous.

In fact, I am kind-of surprised her name isn’t included in the definition of it in the dictionary.

But I digress.

My friend Alex… another amazing woman (how am I so blessed to have their hearts in my life?) took that little saying and made this:

Don't be nervous. Be fabulous. via @jennyonthespot
Created by the fabulous Alex Asher Sears (Alexandra Wrote)
Isn’t that, well… FABULOUS?!

Alex’s calligraphy is simply beautiful. Her talent inspires me. It’s in my head… I am blessed that she used her creative gifting to make that image for me. I am blessed by her for other reasons too. *shoulder nudges Alex*

Now for the rub… as she has gifted me with my words fit for sharing and inspiring…. I am reminded I need to take my own advice, yo.

Never secure.

Always questioning.

Keenly aware there is always another out there who mothers better, friendships better,  speaks better, writes better, pitches ideas better, tells jokes better, sings better, brainstorms better, doodles better, earns better. You name it…

No matter how educated or informed or practiced or skilled I know I am… it is never enough.

Ultimately, I am far more nervous than fabulous.

I am thankful Alex was moved to create this. Not just for me, but for the many who struggle similarly.

I know I am not alone here.

Note: This is not about being FABULOUS in a swanky-style way.

I’m not talking about red, pouty lips or platform heels.

It’s about being fabulous in the very specific, only way our selves can be.

Confident, kind, smart, devoted, compassionate, driven, creative…

I read a post yesterday by Amanda of The Wink… Face It. It was so timely, and such a wonderful reminder that my fabulous is different from anyone else’s. YOUR fabulous is different too. I can’t write it any better than Amanda did at the end of her post, “…not being her is the best gift in the world, because it means that I am me.

So. As I stare into the eyes of some unknowns… some struggles that may or may not be shared here (to protect the innocent or not-so-innocent)… I am going hang up the nervous jacket and put on the fabulous one, and wear it as only I can.

Gosh. I hope it fits.


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