Dog Tired and also… Cumin & Coffee Do NOT A Tasty Cup Make

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dog tired

By the looks of this picture, one might assume the dogs got into the turkey – tryptophan and such. But they didn’t… they just really wore each other out … and the humans… and now I truly understand the term “dog tired”.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving… as did my dog Kevin (top left). As did his “cousins”.

*shifting gears*

Have you ever had a Spanish coffee made with cumin?


There’s a reason.

My husband and sister-in-law were trying to show each other up with their fancy coffee and flames making skills and somewhere along the way cumin was used instead of cinnamon.

Word to the wise: cumin does not pair nicely with coffee. In fact, it emits a smell not unlike B.O. Or a middle school boys locker room.

Shortly after the “WE USED CUMIN NOT CINNAMON!” moment, my son came up from the basement. He opened the door … sniffed for a moment and asked, “Why does it smell like tacos in here?”

“Oh my gosh! It smells like the guys locker room at school!”

And that, my friends… is how we do Thanksgiving.

And we also do it like this:

silly kid

Gobble gobble!


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