DIY Canvas Photos (Photos on Canvas)

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Yes, photo canvases, but

DIY Canvas Photos… a.k.a photos ON canvas?

AMAZING! And WAY LESS expensive than actual canvas photos. Yes, sometimes one can land a great coupon for a photo canvas, but when you can get your own canvases at Michael’s on the cheap, and print out photos at Costco for even less than that, it’s not rocket science to figure out that DIY-ing one’s own photos onto your own canvas is just the ticket.

But can I digress for a second… How to Transfer a Photograph Onto a Block of Wood

That’s just stupid cool.


You know what else is stupid cool?


Like, literally. Put your photos ON canvas. Create your own little gallery at home!

My friend Sara does this and she is crafty magic incarnate. So I went to her Facebook wall and was all, “HOW DO YOU DO THAT AGAIN?”

She was all, “Mod Podge” And I was all, “I knew that…”

You need:

  • A photo the same size as your canvas (I used a 12×12 here)
  • A canvas the same size as your photo (duh)
  • Mod Podge
  • A spongy brush-thing
  • An ink pad for distressing
  • Fine sand paper (not pictured because I forgots)

In 3…2…1… Go!

Modge Podge & sponge brush

1) Get your stuff.

2) Schemere Mod Podge evenly on canvas with sponge brush then lay photo on prepared canvas. I used a soft cloth to make sure it was set on all solid-like and such.

Distressing ink

3) Once it’s dry/set, get out that ink.

4) Pop off the lid on the ink pad and just rub the edges. It’s not neat… get a little crazy if you want.

inked edge

Rub the ink pad this way and that. Up. Down. Sideways-wise. No rules. Just let the mood guide you.

Once the ink is dry, break out that sand paper. Don’t be heavy-handed. Just brush, swish and let the sand paper soften the sides and edges of the photo and inked edge:

Soften inked edges by using fine sand paper


All done!

A whole set!

Now. Could someone please come over and hang these babies?

P.S. These make great gifts!

*Originally shared December 21, 2011*

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