Discover Crocs. Discover Comfort.

No matter what you and your family needs to get done, you get it done in a pair of Crocs. It doesn’t have to be summer to slip on a pair. Don’t believe me? Here are some examples of things one can do in the fall while sporting one’s Crocs, and doing it with style!

Discover Crocs!

*I was asked to participate in the #DiscoverCrocs campaign sponsored by Crocs, Inc. Although I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

One can go to school…

 Crocs Mammoth Bow Flats in Wild Orchid

One can grab coffee with the ladies…

 Crocs Mammoth Bow Flats in Wild Orchid

One can work from home…

Baya Heathered Lined Clogs #DiscoverCrocs

One can play one’s video games…

Baya Heathered Lined Clogs #DiscoverCrocs

One can do homework…

 Crocs Mammoth Bow Flats in Wild Orchid

One can run errands…

 Crocs Mammoth Bow Flats in Wild Orchid

And one can can even wear them when one’s mom lets you wear your tights with shorts and your really long Russell Wilson jersey on your way to your call time for your 4th play performance in a week…

 Crocs Mammoth Bow Flats in Wild Orchid

As the gal who pretty much runs this household, I love them because they are the shoes that bail us out of trouble when in a hurry (which is most of the time). Slip on and off… you gotta love it!

 Baya Heathered Lined Clogs and Crocs Mammoth Bow Flats in Wild Orchid #DiscoverCrocs

I will say, I am little bit jealous of the wonderful soft fuzz in my boys’ Baya Heathered Lined Clogs in Mahogany.

Baya Heathered Lined Clogs #DiscoverCrocs

But on that same note, my girls and my Crocs Mammoth Bow Flats in Wild Orchid are so darn comfortable. If you know flats, you know not every flat is a very comfortable one…

 Crocs Mammoth Bow Flats in Wild Orchid

I know my family is not the only busy family, so when I say, “WE ARE SO BUSY” I don’t mean, “WE ARE BUSIER THAN YOU…” I just mean… we are all busy and I am always on the look-out for ways to help simplify life.


Shoes that slip on and off are one victory in that life simplification process… and if they are comfortable too? Then I guess we have sort of won the lottery. The SIMPLE AND COMFY LOTTERY.

My guys love the indoor/outdoor flexibility of their clogs. They are great for keeping their toesies warm while kicking it in the house, and great for heading out the door to take out the trash for me… or run to the store for me… or take the girls to play rehearsal for me.

Basically, it’s all about me.

I kid.

A little…

And as for the flats… it’s fun to find a comfortable Croc for us lady folks that has such cute girly twist. They have a much more streamlined profile and more fashion-forward style than the first generation of Crocs.

Plus, now that Lucy and I…

Mom & Daughter

…have matching shoes, we have a whole other reason to take even more fun mother-daughter matchy matchy pictures!



OK. It’s YOUR turn… #DiscoverCrocs!

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One Response to “Discover Crocs. Discover Comfort.”

  1. jubilee says:

    I am impressed with all the cute photos in this post. Perhaps I will give Crocs another go. Blessings!

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