Diapers? On eBay?! INDEED.

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It’s true.

I was an eBay shopper and seller for awhile back in the early 2000’s.

I don’t know what happened… 2 more kids… we built a house and I slipped out of the eBay way…

But in the past year, I have been getting reacquainted with the eBay

  • One part due to the economy and the quest to find a deal
  • One part due to wanting to make extra money to support my coffee habit pay more on bills
  • One part due to my irritating need to find EXACTLY what I want
  • One part due to not wanting to leave my home to shop
  • One part due to me joining the eBay Parent Panel
eBay parent panel partner

The more I eBay (yes, I used eBay as a verb) the more I think about using eBay.

Take, for example the time I ran 2 diaper drives and received $420 in cash donations (AND 1,620 in diapers!) just a couple weeks back…

I did some pricing, and found that the diapers on eBay (free shipping too!) would be the very best use of the money trusted to me by a bunch of generous and complete strangers.

I bought over 2,400 diapers on eBayI was able to buy over 2,400 diapers on eBay on a late Thursday night (the 28th). I needed them  by the 7th in time to prep them for distribution at the giving event on the 8th…

Folks… I had them all by the 4th (and free shipping)… the UPS guy even put the big-ol boxes in my van for me. And then… the icing on the cake was being able to help hand-out those diapers to families in need. A humbling experience and a privilege to be part of such a generous community.

I had never thought of buying diapers on eBay. Ever. As the person in charge of spending the money of givers for this event… and wanting to bless as many babies as possible… It was so exciting to do the math and get the most out of what was donated.


Total diaper count – 4,020!

*I am an eBay Parent Panel partner. This post is sponsored by eBay. Opinion and experience are my own.


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