Desk of Despair & Discouragement

by | Nov 3, 2011 | General, Life | 4 comments

It never fails.

I clean my desk.

And then… and then…

I can’t even write, it is so horrible…

the state of my desk


There are empty contact boxes to serve as a reminder I need to order new contacts.

There are bills…

Notes about this event or that event…

Fundraiser forms…

Computer cords…

Earphones and a Shuffle I miss using because my running has taken a hit.

The earplugs are there because I am pretty much married to a rock star and he helps talk care of my eardrums.

There is a fauxstache under that pile.

But I love I have a fauxstache in there.

I just don’t love that I can’t find it when I need it.

And of course a coffee mug. One of the coolest coffee mugs ever, in fact…

coffee on desk

And the pile to the right of the mug? Cards I intend to send to people. Already stamped. That’s how intended I am.


And they’ve been sitting there over 2 months.

Ah well. It’s part of my charm.


Just lie to me.


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