Desk of Despair & Discouragement

It never fails.

I clean my desk.

And then… and then…

I can’t even write, it is so horrible…

the state of my desk


There are empty contact boxes to serve as a reminder I need to order new contacts.

There are bills…

Notes about this event or that event…

Fundraiser forms…

Computer cords…

Earphones and a Shuffle I miss using because my running has taken a hit.

The earplugs are there because I am pretty much married to a rock star and he helps talk care of my eardrums.

There is a fauxstache under that pile.

But I love I have a fauxstache in there.

I just don’t love that I can’t find it when I need it.

And of course a coffee mug. One of the coolest coffee mugs ever, in fact…

coffee on desk

And the pile to the right of the mug? Cards I intend to send to people. Already stamped. That’s how intended I am.


And they’ve been sitting there over 2 months.

Ah well. It’s part of my charm.


Just lie to me.


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4 Responses to “Desk of Despair & Discouragement”

  1. Carrie says:

    Straight up. Absolutely part of your charm.

    And thank God it’s all there because I got to log on at the office, check my Google Reader, see you have something new, then read you.

    And laugh. My too-big-hair-this-morning ass off.

    Plus. I kinda feel better. On my desk back home where I attempt to look busy and such, I have a tape measure. That being the oddest thing. Cause I measure nothing.

    Probably because it’s broke and won’t pull out all the way. So anything I do measure, can’t be more than 1-1/4 inch long.

    You’re my bright spot for the morning. Gracias!

  2. Tina says:

    You forgot to mention the little stash of money in a plastic baggie trying to hide behind a…speaker? Can’t tell. For some reason that’s the first place my eye went when looking at this picture. Boy does that say something about our sosciety.
    Lunch money?

  3. lol, you don’t even wanna see my desk, i have a turkey call sitting on my desk!! yes, i said a turkey call..it’s not mine though…haha (did i really HAVE to say that?) that among other things, but that is probably the strangest thing…probably *sigh*

  4. This makes me feel less like an utter organization failure. We’ll keep each other company with the piles on our desks…..and kitchen islands….and the shelf over my sink….and the dining room table….oh…is that just me? You only have the one pile you say? Huh…

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