Dear Yesterday,

by | Jan 6, 2011 | Photography | 6 comments

My amends.

Dear Yesterday

It would seem that when I woke up… I pulled on a pair of over-sized cranky pants. And wouldn’t cha know they were unbuttonable.



I apologize to the online shopping vendor. I totally could have taken the more painful high-road and said nothing about my frustration with not receiving the very important package I should have received 8 days ago… Which has forced me to employ “Plan B” (a.k.a. “Plan Suck”). I know there is nothing you can do about it. Now. Hitherhencetofore, my irritation and airing of it is useless. Ugly, even. What’s not done is done.

I apologize to the flower business, it’s not your fault. Well, it kind-of is. Yet… I totally could have done better with the holding of my tongue, though I did hold it quite a bit. I should have worn grippers and took a better hold.

I apologize to my kids.

Unrelated… If you want a not-dead dog… DON’T LET HIM STARVE.

I apologize to the huz. I just needed to vent, because… despite the venting I DID do (see above)… I withheld. So… if I didn’t EXplode… I’d have IMploded. Unfortunately for you, EX or IM… you’re gonna feel it.

I apologize to bloggers with auto-play music. I am sorry for reprimanding you behind your back to myself. AND also to your back on Twitter.


I apologize to my body. I will take you for a run very soon. And I picked up our thyroid meds.

Dear Kevin (our dog), I am sorry for wanting to kill you today.


P.S. I am trying a little Project 365… pictures. Why? My ADD demands it.


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