Dance, Drama and Vocal Classes in Kitsap County! And a Kitty. And a Hedgehog.

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As you may or may not know, my children are involved in a local children’s musical theatre group. All of them. Which means – I keep a lot of make-up around, and we eat more snacks than meals.

It also means cutest pictures ever!!!

Lucy and me. KCMT's Spring production of 101 Dalmatians

Since we are so deeply involved, naturally I would like to take a moment of my blog time to promote a class that is being offered here in my area to help shape and hone the talents of our local young creatives!

Backstage Pass, Fall 2011

I realize not all of you are local, but those that are – LOOK AT ALL THE FUN!!! Now you can go sign your kids up and stuff!

For my non-local friends — here is something for you…

I appreciate you coming over and I want you to get something out of your visit here today. SO. I thought I’d google “cutest ever”. Look what Google says is the cutest ever:

Cutest thing ever?

I definitely wouldn’t want to face this kitteh in a cute-off!

Whadday think? The kitty or the hedgehog?

poor wittle hedgehog!

Speaking of hedgehogs, did you ever see my hedgermelon? That was pretty cute too – AND yummy!

Speaking of broken limbs, have you seen the video where I outran a rocket while on crutches AND holding a video camera?

kitty and hedgie photos: mamrie, dailymail


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