Cycling: This May or May NOT Be About Riding A Bike

by | Aug 18, 2012 | Life | 2 comments

Let’s just cut to the chase.

I’m a woman.

There are many things about me that confirm this fact, one being something that happens every month.


“Aunt Flo”.

*insert your clever quip here*

Note: Did you ever read A Tent Outside the City? YOU SHOULD.

This is kind-of a “part 2”.

Men, I understand if you need to excuse yourselves.

So. We are going camping.

Confession: I actually like camping. I do. I like going to fancy hotels AND I like camping. I am like a diamond – multifaceted!

An onion – LAYERS.

I digress…

Isn’t it handy, ladies, when you start your period right before you go camping.

I went up to my husband and said, “Baby. I started my period. We leave for camp today. I think I need a bear-proof-container-thing big enough for me to fit in… or we could get eaten by bears tonight.”

Which is a rational point. Unrelated: I am always MOST rational the first day or two of my period.

My husband, being the supportive man he is, shared this video with me:

Aaaaaaaaand then this one…

He is such a supportive man.


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