Cooking For Comfort Cookbook: Feel-Good Pork Recipes

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“Feel-good pork recipes” sounds a bit redundant.

Pork ALWAYS makes me feel good. Coooking for comfort, indeed.

I am also ALWAYS game for wonderful, new pork recipes.

I shared with you last month that The National Pork board came out with their very first ecookbook..

Cooking For Comfort

Cooking For Comfort is a cookbook that features a whole lot of comfort-focused recipes featuring our beloved pork.

Coincidentally, I have TWO recipes featured in the cookbook (pages 14 and 31), so HOW COOL IS THAT?!!!

Cooking for Comfort Cookbook from the National Pork BoardWell, the National Pork Board didn’t juuuuust publish the book electronically… it is also available in an actual bound book!

Here’s a picture of one of my recipes, Taco Soup.

DELICIOUS TACO SOUP via @jennyonthespot

You make that soup, you will thank me. I’m not even flattering myself. It is THAT good. It is the only recipe I have ever made that my mom asks that I make.

You know it’s good when your own mama asks you to make it.

*drops mic*

So, you can go download a copy of the Cooking For Comfort ecookbook… AND/OR you can win a hard copy of the book from ME!!!

They are offering $1 pork coupons to everyone who downloads the ecookbook, so go ahead and download it and then also go ahead and enter to win a hard copy too! Why not?!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I use my computer to access many of my recipes, but I have a handful of books I turn to as well. I like having options.

Besides my own recipes (it’s not allllll about me!), what else might you find inside? Well, recipes featuring Chefs Michelle Bernstein and Ray Lampe… and recipes from many leading food bloggers!

Cooking for Comfort Cookbook from the National Pork Board

That Ray Lampe is quite the BBQ guy. I guess that’s why they call him Dr. BBQ!!!

Alrighty folks! Go. Download. Enter to win.

And be comforted, for great pork recipes are at your fingertips!


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