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Consume THIS.

I woke up at 4:30. I couldn’t sleep… the result of a busy mind… and poor eating habits.

While lying in bed I scrolled Facebook, read online articles that stirred my rage, stirred my heart, and further stirred my mind. I posted, replied, *liked*, hearted… I copy/pasted and emailed myself links to things.


I finally got up and showered. My intent was to head into the living room to answer email and follow-up on… stuff. Loads of it.

As I laid my books and computer on the coffee table I shifted my path. I headed back to my bedroom. I put on my workout pants and tennies. I grabbed a light, zip-up hoodie and a five dollar bill.

I walked the 1.25 miles to a local coffee shop, and ordered an Americano with steamed cream. Then I headed to the waterfront to… SIT.

And I did. I sat.

Overlooking the water.


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I removed my earbuds and listened. To the sounds of the boats lightly bumping the dock, and to some very chatty seagulls. The sun rose behind me, while the chilly nudges of early Fall in the Pacific Northwest made me wish I’d worn more than my thin, zip-up hoodie.

sunrise - consume this

In the stillness of the bay and in the slightest of chill outside, of all the words bouncing within the word CONSUME is what rose to the top.


Why “consume”? I may have voiced that question into the air.

In the stillness of the 6 o’clock hour, overlooking the stillness of the bay… why THAT word.

Consume = bustle and hustle and glasses clinking and registers registering.

And then one more word… THIS.

Consume this.


So I did. I breathed it. I stared at it. I gave thanks for it. 

My heart and soul is weary. Exhausted by the usual consumption… be it information, or textiles, or food, or… What I really long to consume is creation. Stillness. Laughter. Compassion. The sweetness of moments with my family. In the consumption of the other things…without intending to, I think we miss consumption of the things that matter most. 


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