Confessions of a New Soccer Mom.

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It all stated back in 197? when my dad made me play soccer because he was the coach. My poor dad. He never had a chance. 

Confessions of a New Soccer Mom

I’m the kid on the left – the kid on the right is my lifelong friend Jen.

I played soccer. But by “play I mean, “twirl and pick dandelions”.

But I did try.. I mean, look at that game face. I’m sure that really put the fear in my competitors.

I could never wear socks like that now…

I am all grown up, and have children of my own now.

All of my kids are athletic enough, but my son seems to mesh with “the whole soccer-thing”.

Yay. Me and soccer have such a fond memory of each other…

This is how my possible career as a soccer mom has started out:

  • Joel missed his first 3 practices.
  • The first game – I brought no chairs, no water, the 3-year-old had no resource to utilize as a warming device (no sweater), no snacky-snacky for the bored siblings, NOR a camera. 

However, I did manage to get myself a mocha. Priorities.

And then I remembered I had a camera on my phone… see:

My boy is the #6 wearing the black socks.

The name the boys have chosen for their team – “The Minotaurs”. They’re so tough. And they’re still learning.

At the end of halftime during their first game – instead of circling-up and yelling, “Go Minotaurs!”  – they chanted, “2,4,6,8, who do we appreciate?! The Minotaurs!” 

Today The Minotaurs played their second game, and I got a second chance. And since my son’s life is all about Me, I played much better this time! I not only got my coffee, but we had chairs (OK, the hubs got those… but remember, he’s married to ME!).

We had a blanket for the girls to roll about upon, or to smother each other with.


I brought water bottles, we had a camera… AND – this game was my Snack Mom Debut! *twirls*

I served grapes and apples, lovingly prepared in darling ziploc-baggies.

To compliment the yummy fruitness, I prepared delightful oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (yes, homemade… you may bow…) and zip-locked 2 cookies in each baggie.

The boys quenched their thirst with a refreshing pouch of Capri Sun, and All. Was. Right. With. The. World!

Olay! *swings cape over shoulders… rests hands on hips… looks to the right*

And also… Joel was co-captain. Gosh. The kids take all the glory.

Anyone can be Captain, I made cookies!

How cute is this???

Unfortunately, The Minotaurs lost their game today, but they have come so far!

This little team is a great group of boys. I sat on the sidelines and watched these young fellas pat one another on the back after good hustles and good tries. Great. Kids.

Go buddy, go! You are such an inspiration!

So it begins… Some soccer-mom veterans have told me I need to get certain “soccer mom” pants – something about keeping ya warm and dry. Gonna have to go shopping, I guess.

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