Clean Like a Mother! Related: I love Method!

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Everybody. And I mean EVEREH.BODEH. knows Mama cleans best.

Ain’t nobody getting things clean like Mama.

Method knows this, and they have been working hard to create an all purpose cleaner that will also clean like a mother.

Aaaaand, much like everybody’s mother… it is non-toxic and it’s bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic!



Oh look! Pretty colors!!!

Method's All Purpose Cleaner

A color for every kind of mother!

Not that cleaning is ONLY for mothers… we just clean best. So, at the very least I know when I am passing on some Method all purpose cleaner to the father, son, daughter, etc and whohaveyou… then I feel good about my effort in delegation!

If you are anything like me (HeavenHelpUsAll), you will be singing “Give a little squirt! Give a little squirt! beeeewwwww… Give a little squirt! Give a little squirt! beeheeeehehewwwww…” All. Day. Long.

awesome all up in here

Clean like a mother.

My friend Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) and I had so much fun… hanging out with a man with a nose for a head, a girl covered in flowers… and Noah… Method’s official spokesinger. Sweet, dear Noah… The hottie mountain-looking-man in the white suit. Did you know his first tweet EVER was to/about me? Yeah! We’re tight like that. I’ve never been tweeted by an official spokesinger before.

I’m totally gonna milk this.


Important bidness alert!!! Don’t forget, if you visit Method’s Facebook page, this monthunder the “Perks” tab you can find a $1 off coupon for all Method products, ready for redemption at all major US retailers. Canadian residents: Instead of printing the physical coupon, you can receive $1 off any Method products available at using the discount code “CLEANME”!

*Photo used with permission: the Method and Mekanism teams

** This is a sponsored story. As always, all opinion is mine… none coerced by force or bribery. Or flattery. If they WANTED to flatter me, I wouldn’t stop them, but it wouldn’t change what I write here. It would, however change my self-image. Maybe.


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