Clean Happy! There’s an anthem for that!

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This one goes to 11!

Nothing quite like a giant nose doing acrobatic moves with a woman in a flower suit… Or a spirited bearded man all in white strumming a white gitfiddle to put a grin on your face aaaaand give a little motivation to clean. Right?

Happy Method is happy

I took that picture.

I am not a professional photographer.



Do you recognize anyone in THIS picture???

scary mountain man and duck-faced gangsta

That’s right! It’s a crazy mountain man and a duck-faced gangster and/or the bearded man from the Anthem video and me in lip stain that makes it seem as if my lips had been stung by the stingers of a thousand bees.

I digress…

::puts fingers to temple:: … I am sensing you want to meet the happy people behind Method, and there just might be a way… Take a moment to visit Method’s Facebook page (here, here, here!) and share the video with friends for a chance to be the Lucky Luckerson who wins their very own Method experience: a trip for 2 to San Francisco, a visit at Method HQ, lunch with the founders, a year’s supply of method products, AND OTHER SURPRISES!!!


Method welcomes happy

Hey. Do you use Method products?

What is your favorite?

While I’m asking questions – what is your favorite color?

I like all colors. Especially green. And especially blue. And the pink. Oh, and that orange sure is nice.

Oh gosh. I just like colors, especially when they sit side-by-side-by-side… by side.

the happy colors of Method

 *This post is made possible by Method. Seriously. No Anthem video or picture with crazed bearded man (he wasn’t really crazed, a ver nice fellow with excellent people skills…) would mean this post wouldn’t be here. I am proud to have this post sponsored by Method… the Clean Happy people. Don’t forget to join them on Facebook and Twitter too!


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