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I am blessed to have more than my fair share of friendships.

Lisa wearing Lisa

There are plenty of friendship “philosophies” about how many friends one should have… Some say you should be able to count your close friendships on one hand.

I don’t necessarily agree. I have never been one to have one and one-only “Bestie”. I have, at times, swung closer to one or another during different seasons of life.

Then again, there are the stand-outs. The ones I have been friends with since preschool… The ones that walked through those early days of motherhood with me…

My online friends gone IRL… and not-gone IRL… My friends from my kids’ school, gym friends and friendships that have been born out of my coffee addiction or frequent trips to the grocery store (*waves to Brenda*)…

There are the ones that have taught me how to be a friend… by their acts of friendship… not their chiding… usually *wink*.

Emily shows me the value of coming in and sitting down. Through Casey I learn how to encourage and uplift. My friend Sheila teaches me to be the friend who goes the extra mile and make people feel like “it’s no big deal”, though you know it really is…

Karen teaches me to remember to pray for my friends. Katie and Christy remind me about grace…  And there’s Cindy and Stacey, Andrea, and Amy… Darcy and LaurieDenise, Danielle, Janice… countless Jens, Jennys and Jennifers… and Lisas.

Each woman adds to my life, changing it in someway wonderful.  Challenging, inspiring… and persevering as I find my way as mom and friend… It’s just time that makes it hard to cultivate each relationship as it deserves. Time… so lame.

Case in point, Lisa.

We have wandered or deliberately taken MANY paths together… pregnancies, births, broken bones (hers – heeheee), heartache, illness, stress, dancing, laughter, depression, moving, job transitions, dancing…

Lisa has taught me about compassion and dropping everything to be *there*. Be you a friend, be you stranger, the woman is almost Mother Theresa but with fabulous red, curly hair. I tease that she is everyone’s mother… lending help, hand and time. Always. Even if she’s across the country visiting family, she is the type of gal who will make calls to find people who can help.

She cannot bear to know of a need and not try to help meet that need.

I received the most covetous freshwater pearl necklace from Lisa Leonard… Another Lisa… who has a deeply inspiring gentleness and striking kindness. Her jewelry reflects that heart. It seemed fitting I pass the treasure on. I chose my friend Lisa because… well… lovely begets lovely.

Lisa Leonard

Sometimes it’s hard to find a way to bless others who bless you. They solve their own problems before you can, or their need may not be as great as your own at the time… or they don’t let on that it is. There have been countless times Lisa has bailed me out of a tight or desperate spot. Countless. And right now, Lisa is in a season of life where… it’s pretty darn bumpy. She is being a champion for another family suffering great hardship… she has 2 exchange students because she was too soft-hearted to say “no” and not be mom to yet another… She works hard to strike the balance between work and motherhood and marriage.

I deeply appreciate my friends… their hearts, their lives, their examples. All are worthy of great things… They don’t know they are teaching me. But I pray I am able take what I learn and bless each one back…


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