Choose Your Battles: The one about how I said guns are O.K. Ish.

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Alternately titled: The Hill I Chose to NOT Die On: Gun Control

Alternatelyly titled: I have a boy, and sticks and stones may break my bones, and other creative uses…

Alternativelylyly titled: Give a kid a fish duct tape, a toilet paper tube and freedom to collect sticks in the yard with his buddies, he might make a gun…

sticks and toilet paper roll

I have a boy.

All the hasty generalizations one might make about boys… that’s my boy.

Aaaaand he’s my firstborn…

When I was a freshman new mom, I was committed. NO GUNS.


No finger guns, no stick guns, no race car guns, no Mr. Potato Head arms-guns… and certainly no dinosaur tail guns!

Do you see where I am going with this?

One fateful day… when my son was, oh… say TWO… he sat at the kitchen table. The noises he made — artillery. Blasts. And some dino growls.

“Joel. Let’s not play guns. Eat your lunch.”

And then I looked. Had I an iPhone back in early 2001… not only would I have a picture to share, but I’d also have Instagrammed the heck out of it. BUT.

My son…

From his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


He had eaten around the crusts.

He was meticulous.


He had eaten that sandwich into the shape of a gun.

On that day… in that moment… I threw up my hands and said “I give up.”

And when I say I’m gonna do something, you better believe I do.

Oh did I ever give up!

the nerf arsenal

And now I ask… How about you? What has made you throw up your hands and “give up”? Before I was a parent, I was the BEST parent. How were you a better parent before you became one?


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