Caught on Video: 3 moms sound-off on children and sleepovers

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This is almost a post script to my original post about sleepovers.

My post was also featured on BlogHer not too long ago.

And whoa. There are some strong opinions on this. WHOA.

As there should be. We are talking about the best interest of children…

In this video Liz Henry and Amanda Rodriguez, and I discuss when we decided their kids are ready for sleepovers, and why it can be a tough subject for parents.

I’ve seen commentary in some spaces have suggested I think other parents are bad if they allow sleepovers.

Or that I parent by fear.

Uh, NO.

I allow my kids to sleepover and I allow them at my home.

I just have rules.

Rules. Fear… not the same.

I am perhaps more cautious than some… but less cautious than some.


After watching this video with Liz and Amanda… it seems all 3 of us are cautious in our own ways. We differ when it comes to the fine points of why or why not or how soon, etc… But a common theme I heard was that each of us care about our kids, and really, we are all on the same page about how we feel about the idea of our kids staying the night at just anyone’s house.

I want to add… I trust my judgement, and I trust my kids. I don’t trust people I hardly know to keep my kids overnight, and I don’t want to test my kid’s trustworthiness with people I don’t know, or people I hardly know. My kids get plenty of opportunities to be trusted outside of sleepover dates.

And for those who feel this is a personal attack on their parenting. Stop it. If you choose different than me, I do not think you are a bad parent and I do not think I am better. I may not choose what you choose and you may not choose what I choose. I do, however, believe the topic of sleeping over warrants thought and consideration… I will say if a parent has never met the parent(s) of the home one’s kid is sleeping over at… in this case, I would question sound judgement.

Lastly, this not about living in fear. Caution is not fear.

Besides, we have a trampoline. We know how to have fun with a side of danger.


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