Candy Corn Halloween Candy Dispenser Thingy: Easiest Craft EVER

Y’all… It’s a candy corn halloween candy dispenser thingy!

This is the EASIEST CRAFY EVER! Yummm…. Candy corn… Halloweeen… Candy… crafty goodneses…

Candy Corn Halloween Candy Dispenser via @jennyonthespot | jennyonthespot.com

You will need:

  • • Mason jar
  • • Poultry/chicken feeder thingy (am so good with technical farm terms)
  • • CANDY CORN!!!

You know what? How about I just show you how easy it is!

That was easy, right? 

All you need is a new (I REPEAT, NEW) chicken feeder… a mason jar… and candy corn. But what’s cooler is this little trick works with gumballs and jelly beans and whatever other hard-ish candy you can imagine.

I wouldn’t load it with Milk Duds or malted chocolate balls or anything that could get melty sitting near a sunny window or in warmer weather. Ooooh! How about JELLY BEANS! 

You may want to pour some of your chosen candy into the chicken feeder before you turn the filled mason jar over onto the feeder… just so there is a better fill, but it’s your call. It’s an easy craft, but the turning-over part may or may not prove to be a teeny bit frustrating. But no where near as frustrating as hot glue gun burns or ANYTHING that involves sewing.


How about you? Do you have a favorite, simple, cute halloween/harvest/fall craft? Are you a sewer?


I used to not like candy corn, but now I do. Which is a bit problematic when it comes to keeping it within arms reach. I am convinced ‘they” put drugs in candy corn. And Lays potato chips. Because you really CAN’T eat just one.

*If you feel you’ve seen this before… you probably have. I first released this to the world back in October 2012. But something like this NEVER gets old…. right?

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6 Responses to “Candy Corn Halloween Candy Dispenser Thingy: Easiest Craft EVER”

  1. andrea says:

    I love this!!!!!! (but iI do not love candy corns!) . Did you ever hear that song from Nick Jr….”I don’t like candy corns” song? My favorite song ever….Google it!

  2. Jo says:

    M&M’s, GET OUT!!! Fabulous!! and so EASY!! I want to make one…I already have mason jars so all I need is candies and the chicken/bird/poultry feeder guy thingy. (My computer didn’t put a red line under thingy, is that a word now?!?! Awesomesauce!!) Apparently Awesomesauce is not a word, just sayin’.

  3. Jennifer says:

    LOL there are no drugs in LAYs potato chips, but the air in the bag is chock full of preservatives, which is why half the bag is air and they have a 6 week freshness date.

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