Choosing Pork Can Add Up To Big Savings: My Favorite GRILLED Ribeye Pork Chop Recipe

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Did you know choosing pork can add up to big savings for your family?

In an earlier post I told you about the new pork cut names. Today I want to tell you about how adding pork to your menu can help keep dollars in your wallet…

Pork vs. beef price comparison

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In this video I share one of my time and money saving go-to pork chop recipes and the rest of my dinner menu!

I was able to feed our family of 5 for under 12 dollars. Under $2.50 a person. Under $2.50/person aaaaand I did not buy my Ribeye pork chop on sale, but still kept it budget-friendly.

It can be difficult because adding meat to the plate definitely bumps up the price-point. As a mom who has to make a budget stretch and fill the bellies of 3 growing kids, pork is a great option for us. It is as easy to prepare as I choose to make it… and I can make it work with our grocery budget.

Also? All the kids love it.

ALL 3. I feel like that might make pork chops the 7th wonder of the world or something!

Fresh fruits and veggies…

corn, potatoes and cantaloupe

And juicy, grilled pork chops…

My favorite... read: quick and easy and DELICIOUS... grilled Ribeye pork chop recipe. via @jennyonthespot

An easy summertime meal fit for kings/not kings and busy families. Nothing makes a mom feel better than knowing she’s filling her growing kids with good food and making the family dollar stretch.

yummy pork chop dinner

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So tell me, do you have any favorite pork recipes? What is your favorite pork cut?

*Disclosure: I am working with the National Pork Board this year

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