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I had to go run an errand.

We needed more milk. It was 6:45. At night. And I had pancakes to make for dinner.

They don’t call me Jenny On the Spot for nothin’…

*dead silence*

Aaanywho… The kids stayed home. Dad was home. Don’t judge.

Then I came back.

With milk. But not fabric softener.

I needed fabric softener more than I needed milk.

*kicks self*

When I drove up, my son (12) was standing on a rock doing this:

my son

Let me explain what is going on here:

  • I don’t know.

But now I do, because I rolled down the car window and I was all, “JOEL. !!!! JOEL. !!!!”

He rubbed his bulging, lumpy belly and half-moaned-half-giggled, “I ate too many corn dogs!”

My son has taken quite a fancy to the art of practical joking. So, in my errand-running absence my son stuffed his t-shirt with his sister’s Pillow Pet, put ketchup on the corners of his mouth, and filled his mouth with milk…

The REST of our milk. Good thing I forgot the fabric softener and not the milk afterall…

My son waited patiently for my return.

And as I drive up (literally, UP – we have a bit of a peak at the top of our country-like-drive) I see my son standing on a rock… spewing.

I drove the van onto the concrete pad. I opened the door and set my feet on the concrete.

And then my son “vomited” the rest of his milk at my feet as I stood up.

I gagged, though I knew it wasn’t vomit.

Then I yell-laughed at him to hose it off.

Because it was actually quite funny.

Horrible. Gross. And funny.

This little family I am nurturing. Oh people…

While some moms might be appalled and such… I will admit I felt a little gaggy, but I also felt a sense of pride. Math can be mastered — because there are rules. However… a good sense of humor – that’s a gift.

Also a gift? Hosing the fake vomit off the driveway. A gift to mom.


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