BlogWorld Expo in LA: Are you going to there? [vlog]

by | Oct 5, 2011 | Conferencing, General | 3 comments


Hey! Are you going to BlogWorld and New Media Expo?

Huh huh???

You coming to BWELA?

You TOTALLY have to go.

I am THO EXTHITED to be collaboratin’ with Clay Nichols of to lead a session on Breaking Into Parent Vlogging  via the Type-A Parent track! Oh, and you totes have to check out the entire Type-A Parent track here. SO much good stuff, and a GREAT line-up of speakers. Friends… seriously awesome.

But you don’t have to be a parent to go to BlogWorld

Oh it’s going to be so much FUN!!!


You know what is super-cool? BlogWorld has given me a handy-dandy little 20% off code. When you register use the code SPOT20 and get 20% off your registration! For serious!

You going? Be sure to put 3 p.m. November 4th on your calendar… Breaking Into Parent Vlogging… be there. Or not. But be there.

Are we clear?



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