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I would like to interrupt regularly scheduled programming with…cheese1/8 cup of cheese.

I’ve been counting calories lately and my 1/8 cup of sharp cheddar cheese is very lovely and something I look forward to on my mix of egg beaters, red and green peppers, tomatoes and zucchini every day. Or at least every day I make them.

BUT MOSTLY I post this rather cheesy pic-o-cheese a a place-holder-of-sorts. Because either my site is kind-of broked depending on it’s time of month something to do with a DNS or and ISP or an LMNOP… or HATING ME.

Did I ever tell you about the time (of for my whole life) how inanimate objects HATE ME. This also applies to technology.

Either way(s), this site and my review site may or may not be working right at the moment and if you can read this then it is working right for you and if you cannot read this due to my technical woes, the HOW ARE YOU READING THIS and I am a wee-little freaked out.



In the mean time, I will take you back in time. To one of my very first vlogs. My first and only dance video… A time when I used the video camera mode on my point and shoot… A time when I still had my braces on. When I have troubles, like site issues or whathaveyou… I like to go to my happy place(s): dancing and good music. So, in my time of pain and trial… let’s all go to a happy place… TOGETHER…


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