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Oh Internet.

The beauty of the internet is we can find just about anything at any time.

The not-so-beautiful side of the internet is very not-so-beautiful. Hitherhencetofore, setting my children free to search on the world wide web without a filter is not something my husband and I allow.

But what about when they are in school?

Before we move forward…

I’m required to disclose a sponsored partnership between our site and Bing. I have been compensated in exchange for this post in the form of payment, product or experiences.

on her way to school...

I have 3 kids, the oldest of whom is entering 9th grade. That’s a lot of years of computer and internet access without me around to check on them.

It makes me thankful there are programs like Bing in the Classroom .

Bing in the Classroom  is a program focused on helping kids use technology to inspire and satisfy their curiosity. It provides:

  • • ad-free, safe, private search in schools,
  • • daily lesson plans that inspire critical thinking
  • • a rewards program that community members can use to earn tablets for their schools.

My first priority for my kids is their safety – whether on the playground or on the internet. We live in an age where it is often a class requirement to be online. It’s hard to keep kids safe online…

But the program doesn’t stop at safety, but it also has a reward component that can benefit YOUR child’s school… Earn a Surface tablet for your school with Bing Rewards! I wrote about the Bing Rewards program here. In short, with Bing Rewards you get credits for your internet searches when you use Bing as your search engine. I am certain you search the web many times a day – might as well make it work for you – I mean – THE CHILDREN.  You can earn gift cards, or give your search credits to your child’s school!

FREE Surface tablets are to be had by THE CHILDREN. Sign up for Big Rewards, search with Bing… donate your credits to your child’s school. Get other classmates and schoolmates to do the same, and those credits really add up!

One more thing about Bing in the Classroom… Summer is here, and for many the classroom is happening here at home.

learning at home

Bing in the Classroom has lesson plans – not only for educators but also for use at home! Visit this link to find daily lesson plans for educators or for home!

From mathematics to natural science, to ESL to physics to global awareness… from ages 7-18 this is an outstanding resource for parents and schools alike. Looks like Lucy is going to learn about Porcelain Fungus this summer! The web searches will be under my watchful eye here at home… Bing in the Classroom can provide it come school time.

Bing in the Classroom

Is Bing in the Classroom in YOUR child’s classroom? Could your child’s school make use of Surface tablets? Step up and take action on behalf of your child’s school and show support for #adfreesearch!

Take a moment, give a little, and earn a Surface tablet for your school with Bing Rewards! If you decide to check out this great program, I’d love to hear what you think! And if you peruse the lesson plans be sure to tell me which ones you think you might like to do with your kids this summer!

There are a lot of school-free weeks to fill.

Just sayin’.

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