Best of 2010… According to the Populous/Le Commenters

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According to YOU… My The Public… by way of comments… herefollows a list of the most commented-upon posts of 2010…. hitherhencetofo – my best *ahem* posts of 2010.

Please know this post would not be possible without you. No, seriously. I chose these based on number of comments, and had there been no comments, there would be no posts to highlight in a post about the posts that got the most comments.

I think I phrased that very well.

Le Listo:

  1. The Blackness of My Heart – and I thought it was all about sparkles…
  2. The Confessional: Freedom, Insecurity and Good Friends – you guys love it that I am a gale-force wreck.
  3. In Which I Look Like  Jonas Brother – what does this say about US?
  4. Foodie Friday: Cutting Crusts Off Sandwiches – breaking news?
  5. MMLM – Fun with Photo Booth – personally, one of my favorite video blogs…
  6. Project We – starts tomorrow!!!
  7. Dogs and Babies: Diarrhea, Vomit and a Lousy Night’s Sleep – reality blogging
  8. Are You an Aerobics Instructor? (Adventures at the Gym) – *snort*
  9. Stars, Stripes and Flowers – My “Little” Spring Break Project – crafting (ooooooooh!)
  10. No Pain, No Brain – you love making fun of me!
  11. Beauty IS as Beauty is Made to Be (a.k.a Natural Beauty, Schnatural Beauty, Let’s bring Sexy Back!) – just keeping it real, yo.
  12. A Life List on Account of Aging and Whathaveyou – more reality, that was so 2010.

And lastly… my favorite picture (of me) from 2010…

microphone love[photo cred: Mark? Scott?]

No wait, this one…

Jenny Ingram - Ignite Seattle 11[photo cred: Randy Stewart]

Or maybe this one?

Girl Power Hour - Seattle[photo cred: Mah Lisa]

Perhaps there’s a theme here…

And then there was this time I sang Ice Ice Baby in a certain ballroom at The Hilton in NYC

How did this post become all about me?

Crazy how that happens.


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