That Belongs To My Alter-Ego

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J-Bling Exists

I received a request to be part of a private Facebook group yesterday. A professional group. But I (Jenny Ingram) was not able to access the page.

Why? Because the email address I was invited under belongs to the profile of my alter-ego, J-Bling.

Yeah. I have a real-live alter-ego.

The email address I am using with this particular project, happens to be the email I have set for my sparkly J-Bling’s Facebook page… you are welcome to be her friend

After 3 attempts I realized I could not join the private group unless I join as J-Bling.

Now, J-Bling is fun, but not the least-bit professional. And this was where my 2 worlds collided. I had to send the following email to someone I hardly know… one of the people who I would like to impress more with my professional savvy and less with my gansta savvy. I realized… I had to send an email.

… can you send a new Facebook  invite to the following email address: *insert my authentic self’s email address here*. I have to log into the profile with my other addy (it seems), and that account belongs to my alter-ego.  I won’t even try to explain.

I tried to write that email several different ways. In the end, I decided less was more. I mean, really. Explain J-Bling? Would I start with, “gangasta-esque”? How would I explain I seriously have a Facebook profile for my alter-ego  — to someone I am developing a professional relationship with???

Definitely. Less is more. Especially in the case of J-Bling. *shakes head at self*

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