Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones Review: We Got the Beats!

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When I was contacted by the folks at Staples to possibly conduct a review of Dr. Dre Beats, it wasn’t a hard decision.

I mean, Beats by Dr. Dre?

*Thank you to Staples for giving me a pair of these headphones in order to conduct this review. This is not a compensated review.

I have a 14 year old son, and frankly, I was curious. For months my son has obsessed with these specific headphones. For MONTHS. And for these said MONTHS my son has been making sure his dad and I don’t forget he is obsessed with these headphones.


All I knew about Beats before Joel started making it clear these headphones were awesome, was… well… nothing. Leave it to the teens to introduce Mom to all the hot, new, cool stuff. At one point, I did look them up online. I quickly concluded Beats must be the boss of headphones.

Then our pair came from Staples and I was able to confirm first-hand that the online reports that Beats by Dr. Dre were, in fact… THEEE boss.

At my sons’ first metion, I assumed these particular headphones were a teen-boy ‘thing’. But after a couple of weeks of checking them out (read: repeatedly reminding all the children they have have to share)… I discovered how truly amazing these headphones were and now not only do the little sisters want their very own pair… I’m thinking dad and mom would not be disappointed to find a pair waiting underneath the Christmas tree. Or anytime.

The sound clarity is amazing. Crisp. Lovely. The noise cancellation is supreme. In fact, any mom could throw on a pair of these and easily ignore requests for dessert and complaints of boredom!

Outside of Mom being able to escape, we agree that as a house of music lovers the fullness of sound Beats by Dr. Dre provide makes them, well… pure perfection.

Look at that smile. It’s not because I make him eat broccoli, that’s for sure!

Now, as the bookkeeper and budgeter of the family, I will say, these headphones are not the cheap headphones you grab in a pinch. The ones I/we received for review are the Beats By Dr Dre Studio Headphones with high-definition (valued at $249.95). For our budget, this is definitely a gift-level acquisition or something to be carefully budgeted for. So, if you are considering a pair of these headphones, I hope this review is helpful to you. They are a bit of an investment, but if you are going to drop the real monies for a set of headphones, I would say these are ones you want to spend the real monies on.

Not only is the sound and noise-cancellation top-notch, the hardware is sturdy. Even the cords. Sometimes you get tech items and they feel flimsy and you are almost afraid to touch them. The Beats are not that kind-of product. Solid. And they come with a protective case, so they can be put away.

It’s up to us, parents, to make sure our kids actually do the putting away. But that’s a whole other post, right?

In conclusion (you thought I’d never get there, right?), I am here to put my name on the line and say, these headphones are legit, yo. You can quote me on that.

Speaking of legit… I am so excited that Staples is making it possible for one of YOU to win aBeats by Dr. Dre headphone set of your choice – valued up to $180! All entires are via the Rafflecopter widget below. A blog comment is mandatory. Follow this link to Staples and their Beats by Dr. Dre headphones line and tell me in the comments, what Beats by Dr. Dre product catches your eye/ear! Please note, giveaway is winners choice of Beats by Dr. Dre headphones with value up to $180. Three additional entries are unlocked once a blog comment is made!

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Best of luck and happy listening!!!

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