Be a Barista at Home! The Verismo by Starbucks: Espresso at Home

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Be a Barista at Home! With the Verismo by Starbucks you can make your own espresso at home!

If you know me (which is not hard to do, I over share)… you know I love me my coffee.

It’s a reflex.


And drinking coffee.

Hitherhencetofore, my newest obsession with the Verismo by Starbucks.

Espresso at home FTW!

Back in August I got an invite to visit the Starbucks suite at BlogHer and get a sneak peak at the Verismo.

So, RSVPing for that was pretty much a NO BRAINER!

The Verismo bt Starbucks via @jennyonthespot

Here’s the gist… this machine makes lattes at home that taste EXACTLY like the latte you’d sip on AT the shop.


During my visit I had a latte and a doppio espresso with cream and 1 raw sugar.

I was in a hotel suite experiencing a Starbucks latte and double-shot just like I get at their shops…. but I wasn’t IN Starbucks. Something I love about Starbucks is I know when I go to one, the mocha I order in New York will taste just like the mocha I order in Seattle. They have taken this same commitment and are brining it home. Our homes.

Here are my thoughts on this new machine by Starbucks…


  • In short, with the Verismo you can make the drink you would get at the shop, IN YOUR OWN HOME.
  • The machine works like a Keurig – the coffee is in a pod. (Read: EASY)
  • The milk… also in a pod. (Read: NO MESS. EASY.)
  • No mess. No thinking. Total taste consistency.
  • Never leave your home. (Read: save time, money, and EASY)


  • You cannot use a refillable pod. Starbucks is pretty protective of the consumer’s Starbucks experience… so no reusable coffee pods.
  • And the milk. They have a fancy-schmancy-super-secret-milk pod. No cutting costs by using your own milk.

Yep. You don’t use your own milk… that steamy, frothy goodness you see in my picture? Came from dehydrated milk created specifically for this machine. I was certainly skeptical. UNTIL I TRIED IT.


They told us the over-all savings is about 50 cents a cup. But if you factor in the driving to Starbucks, having to comb your hair, and dealing with real-live people… the savings can actually be a bit more. Economically and emotionally.

I dream of the day I can draw 2 espresso shots each and every morning in my own kitchen. Then I would pour them over a little cream and…

::I die::

The machine costs $199 and is set to hit the market in just a few days, October 15th!!!

Any coffee enthusiasts on your Christmas list? This would be a ROCKIN’ gift, right?!

Unrelated, my birthday is a couple weeks away, so…

What do you think?

*I was not asked to share this. I was not paid. I was not given a Verismo. I just kinda feel that since I am a fan of coffee and kinda dig this thing and got to touch one IRL, it’d be fun to share what I learned! Visit the Verismo site to get more details!


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