Back to School: First Day of School Picture Keepsake

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Those first day of school pictures…

A rite of passage.

Back to School: First Day of School Picture Keepsake

Last year I did something that I wish I had been doing since we started taking first day of school pictures. But PINTEREST DIDN’T EXISTED THEN. {Read: I did not come up with this idea… I found it on Pinterest and now the idea is buried in the bowels of my Pinterest pinningness… And if you were to pop over there and poke around, you’d find lots of creative first day of school photo ideas.}

But here is what I did. I do not have Photoshop, and if I did I wouldn’t know how to use it. I have adopted Pic Monkey, but have also found Canva to be quite irresistible lately because is saves your work so you can go back and edit days, even months later!  Feel free to visit my little Pic Monkey tutorial if you think editing pictures is hard and scary. It is NOT. IT’S RAD.


first day of school pictures via @jennyonthespot

first day of school pictures via @jennyonthespot

first day of school pictures via @jennyonthespot

A little note… when you shoot, make sure you leave space on one side or the other. There’s that artsy *thing” about thirds… frame your subject (YOUR CHILD) in one third of the frame. And in this case, since there will be text over that “empty space”, choose a not-so-busy background. In my pictures, I used the focal soften effect to help fade/soften the background where the text would be.

But really, do what you want. I’m not the boss of you.

Most of all, just have fun and take time to capture the precious moments that pass so quickly… Use that interview time to really listen, and heck – you don’t have to stick with the questions I asked!

Unrelated… I make the best tacos.

And after the pictures are taken and edited, what will we do with all our “free” time???

Originally published August 2012

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