Are You An Aerobics Instructor?

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I have no idea. This is not me. Clearly. No pink stripes in the hair. Otherwise. Mirror much? I kid… I don’t kid.

Are You An Aerobics Instructor?

One day (Wednesday), I ventured to the gym. I am rather committed to the pursuit of fitness… for the next 8 days.

It’s important to have a plan. 

When I first started my workout Wednesday afternoon, I had a woman compliment my effort, “Wow. Nice job. Those are hard!” 

I’ll admit it. It made me feel pretty powerful:

Then I moved to my next Bosu (spelled U-SOB backwards, btw) feat.




I don’t even know what that exercise is called.

I call it — The Bouncy Bouncy Hey Look I’m A Human Helicopter And MAY Break AN Ankle or May Break The Nose of An Innocent Bystander move.

Basically, one waves one’s arms about as one bounces and flies, stumbles and trips over the Bosu.

Then you go back the other way and do that 12 times. Twice.

Believe-you-me. There is NO WAY to stay under the radar with this move. Enter, co-worker-outer:

*tap tap*

“Huh?” *remove earbuds*

“Are you an aerobics instructor here?”

I snorted.

“Uh. Who? Wha? Huh? Ha? Where?” *looks behind, over and around self* “Who? Me?!”

“Yeah. Are you an aerobics instructor here?”

“Oh gollyheckalmightyonalltheearthNO. I can’t talk and do all that. Oh heavens no. No. No.” I stopped there. 

Co-worker-outer: “My name is *insert name I can’t remember here*. You just look like you teach aerobics.”

“Thank you? Thank you!”

I totally took it as a compliment. I hope it was meant as a compliment.

When I got home I told my husband… “Hey baby. Someone asked me if I was an aerobics instructor. Pretty awesome, huh? You’re so lucky….”

He said, “So, I guess you didn’t show your stretch marks?”

I’m totally going back.

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