April Ipsy Bag Unbagging. Not Unboxing. Because it comes in a bag.

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Herefollows my April Ipsy Bag unbagging. It comes in a bag, not a box.

I think these subscription services are a distraction for me.

(Ipsy is a beauty-style monthly subscription service)

They distract me from telling other stories.

Like all my fascinating stories about laundry and driving children around and whathaveyou.

I just went to Goodwill yesterday though.

I bough a bunch of t-shirts. I got Take It On Tuesday on the BRAIN. Oh the fun that may or may not be in store for us…

But until then – It’s IPSY time!

If you’d like to check out Ipsy – here’s the link*. Ipsy costs $10 bucks a month. It’s a no brainer for a consumer like me.

*I will tell you that link is my referral link. Which means if you sign up, I get points.

And with points I can buy stuff I like that could help me fight back the ugly. So. There’s that disclosure.

Now if a BUNCH of you sign up for Ipsy I will take that to mean you think I need a lot of cosmetic intervention.

Which… true conclusion is true.

Have you tried Ipsy? What do you think of it.

I think I lost my favorite bag (along with my journal from Fall through early Winter – WEEP). It was the sparkly November 2014 bag.

I miss her.

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