Another PSA and Peeve: Blogs with Auto Play Music – NO!

I’m not necessarily a grouch… and I hate to stack to peeve-based vlogs atop each other but I feel I am helping make the world a better place.


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13 Responses to “Another PSA and Peeve: Blogs with Auto Play Music – NO!”

  1. Sheila says:

    LoL! That was perfection walking…sitting…it was just perfection! I’ll go right now to my blog and take down that auto play.

    Just Kidding!

    No worries, I have no idea how to add music to my blog, so it’s not there. Honestly, learning how is not a priority. With all the learnings I gots to do, auto music is not even on the ‘to learn’ list…so s’all good!

    Love ya!

  2. Sheila says:

    See my learnings? I just realized my website link was incorrect on that last commentation…gah! So much learnings!!!

  3. Chantelle says:

    So, like… AMEN SISTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strongly dislike auto music on blogs. PREACH IT!!

  4. Cindy says:

    I’m with ya girl! Preach it and change the blog world. My addition to your peeve is when you take the time to stop the music by scrolling….only to have it come back on when you click on a tab or archived post! Arg! I never bookmark those blogs. Never.

  5. Chantelle says:

    I realize that 1) I already commented so 2) this makes me look even more like an obsessed-stalker-weirdo…. but I keep reminding myself not to save nice comments (and pretty flowers) for the graveside… SO… I just have to say once again that your videos honestly Make My Day brighter. I have 5 kids, some with special needs, and a generally lovely-yet-stressful life… but when I watch your sweet spirit bouncing those smiley vibes off the screen I sincerely feel HAPPIER for at least a few hours afterwards. HAPPIER! 🙂 (Thusly, it would really be just super if you would consider eeking out a new video, say, ever 8 hours or so?)

  6. teresa says:


  7. Jenny, you are “on the spot” with this one for sure! I have actually went to a blog to read something and “when the music played” automatic EXIT! Love ya girl, xoxox Becky!

  8. You seriously kill me…
    I almost pee’d at the end when you talked about how no auto music will help with world peace and then you threw in recycling and composting.

    Girl, you are my afternoon entertainment.

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