Announcing the Five TEMPUR Pedic Finalists!

by | Sep 30, 2011 | Sponsored | 7 comments

I have been sick to my stomach the last 5 days…

I could spend 1250 words explaining why this has been one of the very-most hardests things I’ve had to do.

I have been moved. I have laughed and cried and wished I had left this to a random draw.

However, I asked for a video and I didn’t feel the effort of a video submission should be left to a random draw.

Maybe I should have required votes… but I am not a fan of voting competitions. To me, they are more about how many people one can sway to vote on one’s behalf.

You want me to stop yammering (scroll down if you must)… You just want to know who the 5 are that will continue on to the folks at TEPUR Pedic… the folks who will make the final decision.

Those who did not get chosen – ugh. I genuinely want to pass everyone onto the “big wigs” at TEMPUR Pedic. I want everyone to get a bed!


How did I choose? Well, I poured over the videos… watched them drinking coffee, watched them eating chocolate, watched them with my husband and children AND 3 close friends watched without me and shared their thoughtful choices. All of which said they were glad they were not me. Everyone did a great job.

In the end… I took the numbers of everyone’s choices (along with my own) and began a tally… at which point I saw some clear front-runners… ones that closely matched my own list.

And I watched again. And got chest pains.

Then I decided to have ONE “wild card”. So ONE video was chosen via There were 4 that I simply couldn’t choose between… all very different, and one spot left.

I have less hair because of this.

All submissions met all the technical requirements, so it really came down to the story and personal preference tempered with family and peer input.

Without further adieu… the 5 who I officially submit to go under the scrutiny of the bed people themselves – TEMPUR Pedic. In alphabetical order:

I think all styles and skill levels are represented in this selection… from skilled vlogger with all the fancy stuff to straight-forward shoot and publish.

I want to thank everyone for entering, and those who were not selected… I am sorry. Please drop me an email (jennyonthespot [at] gmail [dot] com) with your address… I have a little something I’d like to send as a thank you and an nod to the effort you made.

Thank you all so very much.


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