And Then It Happens: Shopping Without Kids

by | Aug 20, 2012 | Parenting/Family, Video | 8 comments

When my third child was born, the other two were 2 and 5… close to 6, BUT STILL 5.

I remember the first time I took them al to the store (Target)… BY MYSELF.

I remember feeling so capable and competent as I carried my newborn in her carseat in the cradle of my arm… I held the 2 year old’s hand firmly and my 5 year old… he was ordered to hold on to my back pocket.

We navigated that Target parking lot in SUCH SAFETY… and as we got to the store’s curb, my son tripped on it, and in his fall (remember that hand still in my pocket???)… he pulled down my pants.

Not all the way – PRAISE AND GLORY… but ENOUGH… and thank goodness I was still post-partum enough that I was still having to rock my maternity jeans and the signature LONG maternity top.

All that to say, though I have been able to go to the store without my kids a number of times now (last year was the first year all 3 were in school all day…), but there are moments when it hits me. There was a time I thought I would NEVER be without children dripping all over me.

There was a time I thought I would NEVER AGAIN sleep through the night. I remember seasoned veteran moms told me it would happen, and it was the glimmer of hope I clung to during the days I felt kids were more like leeches than people… So. If you are a mom with young children, I am here to bring words of encouragement and hope… and for those moms who are on the other side like me… let’s not take our hard-earned “freedom” for granted.


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